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wood floor The threat

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moved to Wu Jiang, Jiangsu floor optimistic about the development of the market. Provincial Wood Association Secretary-General Wu told reporters, with the home improvement market continues to expand, the demand for the floor is also increasing, because the floor pavement problems arising from more and more disputes. Some people will soon find the installation of the floor Alice,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/wood-plastic-benches-supplier.html]Wood Plastic Benches Supplier & Dealers[/url] deformation, walking sound and many other issues, in addition to the quality of the floor itself, the floor pavement workers are required to operate is also an important part. According to reports, China's first "wooden floor pavement engineering technical rules
(draft)" has been formally promulgated, including the wooden floor of the pavement, acceptance and warranty aspects of the detailed provisions of the province will also vigorously promote the recent " after-sales marketing "of the new model, when all installers must be certified,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/pvc-privacy-fencing-for-your-backyard.html]PVC Privacy Fencing for Your Backyard[/url] making the floor coverings have" feet "may amount. Insiders also remind consumers, in the future purchase of wood flooring should be in accordance with the "seller responsible for pavement" principle, to avoid the shop side and the manufacturers between the prevarication, in addition to the choice of paving workers also look for whether they hold the wood floor
coverings "work license." July 29, the United States officially on my laminate flooring (the use of locking device products) for 337 investigation, including the province of four companies, including 17 Chinese enterprises were included in the survey list,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/top-5-benefits-of-wood-plastic-flooring.html]Top 5 Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url] I lost the United States to strengthen the wood floor The threat of a total ban. Changzhou City Association of flooring to the rapid organization of private enterprises in Henglin mainly responding to the group, and timely report to the Office of the progress of the case. I am very concerned about this matter, and actively support the Changzhou Flooring Association to do the work, and intend to make a
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