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wood composite decking suppliers

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Ying-hsheng from the face of "cold" "big test" have the strength of enterprises should strengthen the "internal strength" ready to go. Once the "spring" will be profound, in the development of the industry to play a greater role. At the same time Hu Ying-hsiang also proposed forestry industry leader to seize the "warm winter" this opportunity to achieve the scale of enterprises,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/how-to-get-cheap-wood-plastic-floor.html]How To Get Cheap Wood Plastic Floor[/url] intensive, market-oriented, modern, international quality, from the quality of a "gorgeous turn" to a leap. Liu Yingqiu from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Yiping of Renmin University of China and other famous experts and scholars from the macro and microeconomic
point of view to the participating more than 60 entrepreneurs put forward the challenges and suggestions. Among them, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School Liu Yingqiu summary of the forestry industry enterprises faced by the eight challenges, five opportunities, [url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/select-outdoor-pergola-material.html]Select Outdoor Pergola Material[/url]seven countermeasures caused a high degree of concern for the participating entrepreneurs. Liu Yingqiu's eight challenges are: the challenges of the transfer of industry in developed countries to China's processing industry; the challenges of rising energy and raw material prices in the world; the conflicts of interest and challenges between countries and countries; the
challenge of rising domestic labor costs; Macro-tightening challenges; challenges brought by China's economic growth cycle; SME growth system is not perfect imperfect; knowledge and ability to challenge. China's economic growth is still in a high growth stage;[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/beautiful-homes-used-wood-plastic-floor.html]Beautiful Homes Used Wood Plastic Floor[/url] urban and rural residents continue to increase consumption and increasing the process; technological progress brought about by the changes; the growth of China's economic growth is still a long- China's property rights system reform to further deepen. The seven major countermeasures are: to establish national and nationalist ideas; to emphasize cooperation and win-win; learn to
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