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domestic bamboo flooring products

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lot of research projects from the market demand, Interaction with the enterprise ". "In Jiangxi, in addition to the Forestry Research Institute, the basic no other relevant research institutions, companies can only rely on their own research and development, generally need to invest 3% to 5% of the profits, and high-end R & D will need to invest 10% The enterprise is a heavy burden. "Feng Xuquan said that industrialization should be achieved through large-scale, and technology investment is the driving force of large-scale production," the state to support forestry industrialization, should increase the support of enterprise R & D. " In addition, the importance of
the brand is gradually highlighted. Jiangxi Feiyu Bamboo Industry Group's bamboo flooring brand "Chunhong" is the highest profit of domestic bamboo flooring products, thanks to the enterprises in expanding sales channels and establish a brand to make efforts. Feiyu Group President Wei Dongdong suggested that the industry as soon as possible to develop standards to achieve standardized production, in order to improve the overall image of the product and credibility, "but also with scientific research institutions to achieve the key part of the processing of all mechanized to reduce costs and improve production efficiency " Fengxin County,
relying on a wealth of bamboo resources, bamboo processing enterprises to guide the deep processing of effort, bamboo industry development showed a "rough processing to deep processing, low-grade products to brand products, low efficiency to high efficiency, a single domestic market to the international market" Four gratifying changes, bamboo processing level is gradually increased, processing and transformation of bamboo has reached 100%. This year, Fengxin County has 43 bamboo processing on the basis of the new bamboo flooring finished products processing enterprises 4, and strive to bamboo flooring finished processing up to 2 million
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