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comfortable floor tile

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<p>Floor sort is varied, mix with wooden floor nowadays bamboo floor sales volume is most objective, so what do bamboo floor and wooden floor have to be fastened however after all? Below small make up the advantage that takes you to see two kinds of floors together to contrast. It is good to see them be in? </p>
<p>Portion of bamboo floor water is handled relatively wooden floor is even contractility is small. Bamboo floor is straight fiber is arranged, twist of not easy generation is out of shape.[url=]best outdoor fence and wall panel[/url] Wooden floor fiber arranges wrong Zong Fu miscellaneous, so easy twist is out of shape. What wooden floor grain has decorative pattern and straight grain is different, obtain good whole harder to spread outfit effect, bamboo floor does not have the inadequacy of this respect. Bamboo is a the hardness in all plants on the world is highest kind.[url=]wpc line manufacturer in maharashtra[/url] Bamboo floor relatively wooden floor more do not be afraid that water is mixed dry. </p>
<p>Wooden floor 10 large dominant positions: </p>

<p>1 beautiful nature</p>
<p>Lumber is natural, its annual ring, grain often can make a beautiful appearance, to the person one kind returns to the natural, sense that returns Piao Guizhen, no matter simple sense has develop a school of one's own, wide suffer people to love. </p>

<p>2 pledge without contamination</p>
<p>4 times of marble. Regard the ground as material especially (wooden floor) can reflect its advantage more. </p>

<p>3 easy treatment</p>
<p>Lumber can curium arbitrarily, dig, cut, cut and even Yu Ding, in building materials so the respect can be applied neatly more, develop its potential effect, and the material of metallic concrete, stone reason because of hardness, [url=]where to buy plastic fence in dubai[/url] without this function, use so waste also can be created when makings or appear not the condition with actual suit. </p>

<p>Sex of 4 heat preservation is good</p>
<p>Lumber is not easy heat conduction, the heat conduction rate of concrete is very high. Steely heat conduction leads 200 times what be lumber. </p>

<p>5 adjust temperature</p>
<p>Lumber is OK moisture absorption and evaporate.[url=]qater wpc production methods[/url] Human body is in the most comfortable humidity in atmosphere between 60%~70% , the characteristic character of lumber can safeguard humidity to be in the person's comfortable humidity inside limits. </p>

<p>6 not easy knots are shown</p>
<p>Protect as a result of lumber wet, the performance with humid air is stronger than material of metal, stone or concrete. Air is so humid that day, or become apparent won't arise to form when temperature drops perspire like drip phenomenon. Such, when lumber makes wooden floor board, won't slip because of the ground and cause needless trouble. </p>

<p>7 wear are strong</p>
<p>The aseismatic sex of lumber and be able to bear or endure the processing of science and technology of corrupt sex classics not second at other housing materials, a lot of well-known old buildings blow rain to hit via the wind 100000 still stand erect if first, a lot of wooden boats previously immerse for a long time to arrive in water solid still now. </p>

<p>8 alleviation are pounded</p>
<p>The concussion of lumber and human body, fight force downier than other housing materials, natural, be beneficial to the health of human body, protect the living security of old person and child. </p>