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"We have ladies travel from all over the world to us.  chinese lingerie wholesale Some ladies even cry as they

come to the shop as they have never ever  lingerie suppliers china seen anything like what we have. I have

been awarded  Corset Manufacturer China  around 90 awards over the years, but the best thing, as corny as it

sounds, is helping ladies who were like me and couldn't find anything in their

size," Medhurst said.

Though Medhurst is aware that there may be some backlash in relation to catering to

a size 40 - a dress size that is indicative of someone whose health is at risk.

"We don't encourage ladies to be size 40. Though, we want the ladies to feel better

about themselves in something pretty and hopefully then become healthier as they

feel better about themselves."

"Some people can be extremely cruel, and that can be what keeps some people bigger.

Would the critics prefer that the ladies are naked? Where else can they go? It is a

sad story and we are just trying to help everyone. If someone was even bigger we

would make something lovely for them to feel good in," Medhurst said.

These days, we are often taught that vulnerability is a negative trait. We must be

strong at all times fearless. We must never allow ourselves to appear fragile or

weak. And the result is that we fear vulnerability, along with anything that makes

us appear imperfect. Despite that imperfection is the natural human condition. In

this case, I'm talking about wearing lingerie as a plus sized lady.