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Well, Crap...

I meant to update my live blog to WordPress v2.0.2 RC, but being the
moron I am, I used the trunk category rather than the 2.0 branch. So,
now it's running v2.1-alpha. *sigh*

Since I take it there's no easy way to downgrade and I don't want to
loose the changes I've made since I last backed up (yeah, I didn't
backup my database before doing it either *cries*), what should I know
about v2.1?

I see that the links now use the main categories. What's with that?
Links are treated as posts now? Or..

And yeah, I know it's my own damn fault, but a mini-readme would be
appreciated as I haven't been paying attention to the trac as of late.

Thanks much, guys.

- Viper007Bond
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