Tongfeng Electronics was selected in the Technology Top 50 of China Listed Enterprises

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Tongfeng Electronics was selected in the Technology Top 50 of China Listed Enterprises

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The ranking list of “2005 Technology Top 50 of China Listed Enterprises” selected by the famous domestic new-emerging commercial media - China Internet Weekly was published. Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd., ranking 43, was firstly selected in this list, the only Anhui enterprise.

Since 2003, China Internet Weekly has been had constant consideration and evaluation in the listed technological enterprises. The selection of 2005 Technology Top 50 of China Listed Enterprises became more strict with wider range, which continued to use the international evaluation standard, and inspected the growth capacity, earning capacity, technological content, the health conditions and other overall and individual capacities through data of business avenue, gross profit rate, return on equity, each operation NCF and science and technology input.

    For years our company focused on the technological innovation, increased science and technology input, actively introduced, digested, absorbed the foreign advanced technology and equipment, constantly enhanced its re-innovation and self-innovation capacity, continuously improved the core competitiveness, and has made science and technology as its first motive force for the sustainable growth. Based on the own technology advantage and years of experience, we constantly exploit the core production technology of capacitor thin film and other main products, and currently our two-way stretch polypropylene film technology has reached the first class level, and our multi-functional production line has successfully produced the world’s thinnest 3μ capacitor film with the production speed of 280m/min, which has reached the two limit value of the world’s capacitor fields; this June, the new capacitor polypropylene high temperature resistant film production line has become the domestic first line of polypropylene film with independent design and innovation. Company successively developed the silver zinc aluminum film, rough film, new AC non-explosive capacitor, MKP polypropylene capacitor and other new products, among which 7 items were awarded as the national key new product and 5 gained the national patents.

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