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Lloyd Dewolf

Although I've continued to marvel at the evolution of WordPress as the web
publishing platform, only today did I open the kimono again after a few
years. WordPress Development is equally as marvelous!

I'm currently focused on volunteering in a capacity related to CI & QA for
wordpress-mobile. I wanted to share a few observations related to areas
that challenged these old eyes:
* The handbook would benefit from describing the relationship b/w and the full development tree provided by
Thankfully, my google-fu led me to find

* Related to those developments (pun!) many pages in the Download sidebar
seem stale:
  * could be combined with
  * &
  * &
* Browse Happy looks to still be used in core, but appears orphaned ... only now
found and!closed&
after coming across .

I look forward to the opportunity to circle back and make my own
contributions around core. Which might start by reporting these
non-critical issues if someone else doesn't grab the baton meantime.

Thank you,
Disclosure: I was previously employed by Automattic and still own a small
amount of equity in the company.
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