Modifying 'Write Post' to show 2 seperate textareas

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Modifying 'Write Post' to show 2 seperate textareas

Hi all,

FIrst post here so please excuse any unintentional faux pas...
hopefully this is the right place to ask my question as it seems to be
more complicated than your usual hack...

I'm trying to modify 'Write Page' to include 2 seperate text areas for
some of my pages that have 2 columns, but still only show 1 text area
for normal pages.

Kaf kindly supplied code for this at

<?php $content = split("<!--nextcolumn-->", $post->post_content); ?>

Would it be possible to modify the Write Page area to match this?

Any ideas much appreicated - normally I wouldn't attempt this but the
site in question is going to be client managed so I think this will
make it much easier for them.

Thanks and best regards

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