Harden: Warriors are a great team

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Harden: Warriors are a great team

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Today, the Rockets lost to 98-107 in the warriors, the Rockets lost two times in the last week to the warriors.
"They are a great

team, they have 5 teams all star player, they have a lot of experience, they are a good team, like I said, we have a lot of chance,

3 days ago in the home court, we recover the score, but ultimately failed to win tonight, we most of the time in command of the

race, is in the final 7 minutes to score, we have the opportunity, we must be crossed the line, we will be fine." James harden

In today's game, harden played 35 minutes, with a total of 18 points, with a total of 17 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists

and a total of 1 shots in the game, with a score of 4..http://www.79652.org