Even after four years of Dalian furniture "bright"

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Even after four years of Dalian furniture "bright"

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<P>If China's largest furniture market in that? Everyone will say is "north wide" these first-tier cities. Undeniably, whether it is market size or market capacity, these cities are indeed the largest domestic furniture market. It is said that in the western region of China's Guiyang City, Guizhou Province,[url=http://salebestbeachchair.com/garden-steel-chair/2011.html]white plastic patio chair under $100[/url] there is a custom wardrobe store sales of up to 85 million yuan a year, such a data for the furniture market in Guizhou Province What is the meaning? With questions, we visited the Guizhou Province Furniture Association executive vice president and secretary general Mr. Chen Yuqian.</P>

A miracle that took place in Guiyang

<P>For a single store 85 million yuan in sales, Chen Secretary-General told us: this thing really happened in Guiyang City. This store is a custom wardrobe store, shop area is only 400 square meters,[url=http://salebestbeachchair.com/inexpensive-camping-chair/1888.html]free wooden outdoor furniture[/url] but it is the brand single store sales of the highest - up to 8500 million.</P>
<P>We have a question: a single store sales actually up to more than 8500 million, this is only a special case of the furniture market in Guizhou Province? Chen Secretary told us that this is by no means a special case. In our Guizhou market there are some independent brands, such as nature mattresses,[url=http://salebestbeachchair.com/leisure-beach-bed/2332.html]dining room table furniture[/url] Morgan Danley wardrobe, etc., these brands in the local sales are also high, these are because the furniture industry in Guizhou Province has a huge market.</P>

Tens of billions of Guizhou furniture market

<P>Chen Secretary-General then told us that Guiyang belongs to China's third-tier cities, where the furniture market can only be regarded as secondary market, but the real estate project in Guiyang City, a huge volume. Here there is China's first market, with 18.3 million square meters of the volume of flower orchard project. The plot of the resident population of 500,000 people, a community of the total population actually more than a large and medium-sized county population of the total, which is rare in the country. On the flower orchard project, for example, each household 3, each household furniture purchase costs 3-5 million to calculate,[url=http://salebestbeachchair.com/outdoor-folding-chair/746.html]folding beach leisure chairs price comparison[/url] only a fruit orchard a real estate project in the next 1-3 years will be able to bring amazing furniture industry 8.3 billion in sales; In addition, another super disk in Guizhou transit future ark, is a tourism, livable, energy saving, ecological in one of the large real estate projects. Planning construction area of ​​up to 7.2 million square meters, planning the resident population of 13 million people, the project will also produce 2.8 billion furniture market.</P>