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because the respondent enterprises have three Changzhou enterprises, but also because the United States also occupied the city's floor exports a quarter of the market. Small lock to provoke a large dispute Many people can not imagine, the rise of the uproar of the "culprit" turned out to be a small floor lock,[url=]The Best Choice for Outdoor Flooring[/url] and almost all of the export floor are using the lock technology. A year ago, the Netherlands Unilin Corporation, the Irish Flooring Industry Corporation and the United States Unilin North Carolina flooring company to four "floor lock technology" was infringed on the grounds that the US International Trade Commission issued a ban and  
prohibit the import order to prohibit Chinese enterprises export Related products to the United States. US 337 survey from the United States "Tariff Law" Section 337 refers to the unfair competition, especially violations of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of imported products initiated by the survey,[url=]Wood Plastic Composite Railing Manufacturer[/url] if the US International Trade Commission to determine the enterprise in violation of the "337" Will issue an exclusion order, indicating that the US Customs banned the import of the product, and even lead to the entire industry related products are unable to enter the US market. Compared with anti-dumping, 337  
survey of China's export enterprises more threat. In fact, due to the positive response of Chinese enterprises, after the US International Trade Commission made a favorable preliminary ruling on the Chinese side. But surprisingly, the final result is "upside down", what will push the Chinese enterprises on a very unfavorable situation.[url=]PVC Fence Application at the Horse Ranch[/url] Adverse end of the wave is very wide "This will not only spread to the province of the entire composite wood flooring industry, but also will affect its upstream - tens of thousands of northern Jiangsu planted fast-growing forest (Italian Yang) farmers." The industry to make So that evaluation. It is predicted that  
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