Building advanced taxonomy urls

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Building advanced taxonomy urls

Haluk Karamete
What does it take to make this general querying format work?


This URL is expected to get the posts meeting the following criteria:
 * the post matches term-x under tax-1
 * the post also matches term-y under tax-2

where tax-1 or tax-2 in the URL could perfectly be a built-in taxonomy
*such as "category" or "post_tag"*.

Is that even possible?

Based on my environment, a URL query formulated as above redirects to a
random post. But if I were to add "*category_name*" parameter in the URL,
then it does not do that redirect. *(I know that that is because WordPress
has special rules when it sees the string "*category_name*" as part of the
URL. )*

So while this works


This does not:


This may be good enough for many situations, but it does force the posts to
be classified under a specific category (which means that the taxonomy
"category" must always be part of the deal and you must always use
"category_name" in the URL. )

Am I getting this wrong? Is there a way to generalize the URLs by simply
 concatenating taxonomy=term pieces without using the "category_name" in
the url?

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Thank you
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