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Re: ALTERNATE_WP_CRON... Is it worth it?

Nicola Peluchetti
I tested it on various machine, i always get this error. the problem is in
the timout of the cron call which can't be handled by fopen() ( which is
the default transport id cUrl is disabled ). Read<>

I experience this error even if the function call which is run by the cron
is empty. I probably will solve this by disabling the transport, as  i can
see no other way to do this, and this means that if cUrl is disabled, the
CRON will not run at all.

*Nicola Peluchetti*
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On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 7:45 AM, Dion Hulse (dd32) <[hidden email]>wrote:

> On 19 October 2012 07:20, Nicola Peluchetti <[hidden email]>
> wrote:
> > This specific error happens ( if i'm not right correct me ) on every CRON
> > run when cUrl is disabled. This is because the class WP_Http_Streams
> > doesn't support a timeout of 0.01 seconds, which is what's used by the
> > standard CRON.
> It''s not a bug that affects every instance of the class, It's very
> specific to a version of PHP included with a linux distro (and when
> curl is disabled/not installed), and also certain Mac localhost
> installs - in both cases, it's due to timeouts in the DNS lookups
> IIRC, which doesn't apply to most installs of PHP.
> If thats the case, 0.01s or 10.00s will generally fail on the affected
> hosts (Feel free to test that out for me to confirm..)
> I would love for someone to step forward and actually fix the problem
> instead of the options of just building a wall around the problem and
> hoping it never raises it's head again.
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